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The Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Emergency Flashlight.

VOFUWOOD has occupied over 70% of LED pharos torches market share with huge advantages in quality and cost. We provide LED emergency flashlight torches for hotel supplies companies, guest rooms, public rental apartments and workshops.

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Wall-mount Torch is the best choice for firefighting flashlights

No Need to Search

The holder is fixed to the door frame or wall and the torch will always stand by right there. In the event of an emergency such as an earthquake or fire, you can gain valuable time for escape.

No Need to Learn

Remove turn on & Replace turn off. There is no switch, pick up and light up automatically. Make sure that users can use it correctly under nervous panic.

Easy to Manage

The flashlight must be put back into the wall holder to be turned off, helping to standardize management, prevent loss.


Main Product Models

Mainly divided into VSD-01NS rechargeable torches and VSD-02 ordinary battery torches. VSD-01NS is rechargeable LED torchlight, automatic charging and power off, no manual maintenance, long-term use of lower cost, is the major international hotel management company recommended models. VSD-02 series is an ordinary battery LED wall-mount fire flashlight, low cost, good effect, exquisite and compact, widely used in home rental rooms and hotel apartments.

image of rechargeable Wall-mount Flashlight

VSD-01NS Rechargeable Wall-mount Pharos Torchlight

The VSD-01NS flashlight with unique appearance and exquisiteness features auto-charging, full automatic power-off, strong LED brightness, stable operation, and durability. It requires no manual maintenance and has a long-term use cost.

Charging Kit:
① LED All-Alluminium Flashlight
② Charging & Wall-mount Holder
③ Rechargeable Batteries Pack
④ Standard Charger(110~240v Global Voltage)

Material: All-aluminum body/rubber non-slip grip cover/ABS plastic base
lamp beads:13 LED
color: Silver Black
Dimensions:185*60*55 mm(Φ45*Φ26 *175 mm)
Battery: 3 AA AA batteries
Weight: 325 g
Accessories: Charging Wall-Mount Holder, Battery Holder
Note: Only Rechargeable Kit comes with Rechargeable Batteries Pack and Charger

Packing: 40pcs/carton
Carton: 430*370*290mm
Gross: 14kg
Volume: 0.046 m³

13 LED Light Beads

13 LED Light Bulbs

Brighter and more durable
Wall-mount Charging Torch

Smart Charging

Full Auto Power Off
aluminum alloy fire emergency flashlight

All aluminum alloy

Aluminum Alloy Torch With Rubber Non-slip Gloves
Wall mounted holder

wall-mount charging Holder

Wall-mount & Charging



① Fix the torch holder onto the door or wall with screws.
② Unscrew the torch handle to insert 3 x AA carbon batteries into the battery holder. Ensure correct polarity.
③ Screw back the handle. The torch should light up.
④ Plug the charging head into the charging hole (located at the bottom of the holder) for charging.


Remove the torch from the holder and it will switch on automatically.
Place the torch back to the holder, it will switch off automatically.


The torches should be used with the original rechargeable batteries and chargers.
Illegal use of nonoriginal charging accessories may cause a short circuit , batteries damage.
Check the battery level regularly and replace the batteries before they run out if use common non-rechargeable carbon batteries.

image of VSD-02 Wall Mounted Emergency Fire Flashlight

VSD-02 Wall Mounted Emergency Fire Flashlight

The VSD-02 series is popular model of LED wall-mount emergency fire fighting flashlights. It is powered by 3 AAA carbon dry batteries and has a wall-mounted structure with six strong LED lamp beads, beautiful and durable.

Product Features:
① Wall Mounted Design
② Six LED High-brightness Lamp Beads
③ Remove turn on & Replace turn off
④ Night Fluorescent Alert Sticker

Material: ABS plastic
Lamp bead: 6 LEDs
Color: Silver / Black / Red / White
Dimensions: 153 * 40 * 42 mm (Φ32.5 * Φ34 * 135 mm)
Batteries: 3 AAA batteries
Weight: 120 g
Accessories: Wall mounted Holder, batteries holder, fluorescent warning labels

Packing: 80pcs/carton
Carton: 440*210*370mm
Gross weight: 8.2kg
Volume: 0.034 m³

VOFUWOOD Wall-mount Emergency Torchlights Red VSD-02NR


VOFUWOOD Wall-mounted Emergency Flashlight Silver VSD-02NS


VOFUWOOD Wall Mounted Emergency Flashlight Black VSD-02NB


VOFUWOOD Wall-mounted Emergency Fighter White VSD-02NW


Fluorescent Warning Sticker for Firelight Flashlight

Night Fluorescent Stickers

Fluorescent Label
microswitches for wall-mounted flashlights

Auto switch

Micro Switch At The Bottom
Emergency flashlights that do not need to be picked up don't need a switch

Wall-mount Torchlight Holder

Replaced automatically extinguished
Wall Mounting Method for Fire-Fighting Torches

Easy to Install

Supplied with screws

Wall Mounted Emergency Flashlight Video Show

Usage video of VOFU wall-mounted emergency fire-fighting torch
Emergency Correct way to use the wall-mount emergency torch flashlight

Certification & Quality

Fire escape wall-mount emergency torch flashlight meet with CE certificate Fire escape wall mounted emergency torch light satisfied with RoHS certificate

The CE mark was created by the European Union (EU) to unify the compliance standards of member countries. All of the products listed above qualify for CE Mark certification.

The RoHS Directive applies to electrical and electronic products and their component parts, offered for sale into the European Union after July 1, 2006. VOFUWOOD is actively involved in maintaining compliance to the EU RoHS Directive for products that we offer worldwide.


Question & Answer

Update regularly for customer inquiries. Please contact us if you have other questions.

Why not use a normal flashlight?

Ordinary flashlights cannot be stored in a fixed position. When an emergency such as a fire or earthquake occurs, it can be found in time because of chaotic scenes and power failures, delaying valuable time in escape. At the same time, ordinary flashlights have different switch positions and methods of use. People cannot panic when the flashlight escapes for the first time. Wall-mounted lighters do not need to learn. The first time ensures that the user finds an escape exit and evacuates successfully.

Why do you choose a wall-mounted flashlight for hotel rooms?

In addition to the advantages of no need for searching and learning, the wall-mounted flashlight can prevent theft. The flashlight can't be turned off when leaving the wall, and the stolen can not be used for practical purposes. It is of great significance for hotel asset preservation and avoiding disputes. At the same time, the fixed location storage also facilitates hotel standard management and daily inspections, reducing the workload of room management personnel.

Fire Fighting LightsFire FightingCheck AcceptanceRequirements?

At present, countries around the world and Chinese provinces and cities have rigid regulations on flashlights for emergency escape lighting of high-rise buildings, especially hotels, rental rooms, public places, etc., emergency lighting and fire fighting flashlights must be deployed, and they can be continuously lighted to satisfy fires. Emergency lighting needs in the event of a power failure in buildings such as earthquakes and earthquakes.

Do wall-mounted fire-fighting torches requireLED light sources?

More than 30,000 hours of LED light source life is more than 10 times the ordinary light bulb, high power and low brightness, significant savings in battery consumption, saving the manual consumption of frequent replacement of the battery. The ultra-long standby and durable LED flashlights have become irresistibly the leading source of fire fighting flashlights.

What are the methods of selecting a fire emergency flashlight?

First of all, safety, anti-theft, anti-theft and easy-to-use wall-mounted flashlights are undoubtedly a must. Second, economical, LED fire flashlight has obvious advantages over traditional light bulb flashlights. Again, aesthetics, to take into account the decoration style, exquisite simplicity is appropriate. It should be noted that the built-in rechargeable flashlights for lead-acid batteries in the market, that is, plastic flashlights with self-contained plugs on the tail, are more dangerous and have a higher failure rate and need to be carefully selected.

Fire escape flashlights are fire fighting equipment?

Fire-fighting flashlights are a kind of fire-fighting equipment, especially high-rise buildings. There are hard demands at home and abroad. Emergency lighting flashlights are one of the essential fire-fighting articles.

Flashlights have relevant certifications. Can they be accepted by fire?  

VOFUWOOD wall-mounted fire flashlights, products passed the EU CE certification, meet the inspection standards factory, and provide three packs of services. Authorized dealers all over the country, products have been settled in major hotels, can pass the fire acceptance.

Hotel Flashlights Essential?

Yes, hotels, guesthouses, guest rooms, serviced apartments, and rental rooms should all be equipped with emergency lighting flashlights and other fire-fighting essentials in accordance with fire protection requirements.

Hello, I'm the engineering staff of the Holiday Inn. Where should we install the wall-mounted fire-fighting torch?

Most customers are installed in conspicuous positions such as door lock frames or switches. Based on the experience of most of our foreign customers, this installation is more conducive for residents to understand the existence of emergency flashlights and their use in emergencies.

How to install a wall mount?

Each of our fire emergency torches comes with matching mounting screws. Just fix the base to the door frame with screws and insert the flashlight into the base. Installed.


Project Case in China's Market

hotel project case of emergency wall mounted flashlight                             
VOFUWOOD ® Wall Mounted Fire Emergency Flashlight Hotel Project Success Stories

News & Events

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Shenzhen Airport Hyatt Hotel Order VOFUWOOD VSD-02NB wall-mount flashlight 354 pcs 2018-05-15

five-star hotel horse island ordered VSD-01 wall-mounted rechargeable flashlight fire more than 540 pcs of 2018-05-14

Qingdao new hope Novotel order VOFUWOOD VSD-02NR wall-mount flashlight 248 pcs 2018-05-10

CAC Pullman hotel (five-star) Order VOFUWOOD rechargeable flashlight fire wall 280 pcs 2018-04-25

Ramada Encore ordered VOFUWOOD rechargeable flashlight fire wall 640 pcs 2018-04-21

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Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel Order VOFUWOOD Wall-mounted Rechargeable Emergency Fire Fighting Flashlight More than 100 pcs 2018-03-30

Holiday Inn Express Intercontinental centralized purchasing VOFUWOOD wall flashlight emergency fire more than 430 pcs of 2018-03-27

five-star high-speed rail Suzhou New Town hotel Order VOFUWOOD wall rechargeable flashlight emergency fire 350 pcs 2018-03-22

New Century hotel Taizhou ordered VOFUWOOD wall-mounted flashlight emergency fire 400 pcs 2018-03-16

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Rayon hotels Order VOFUWOOD LED wall-mounted flashlight emergency fire 165 pcs 2018-03-16

Xuzhou Baoxin Narada Resort & Order VOFUWOOD LED wall-mounted flashlight rechargeable emergency fire VSD-01 series of 390 pcs of five-star Tianjin 2018-02-06

Order VOFUWOOD wall-mounted emergency torchlight VSD-01 Jiabao InterContinental hotel & Executive apartments series 320 pcs 2018-02-06

four-star victory hotel Tianjin ordered VOFUWOOD wall-mounted emergency Anti flashlight 93 pcs 2018-01-29

Vienna Hotel (Shenzhen Airport) Order VOFUWOOD wall-mounted flashlight emergency fire 300 pcs 2018-01-25

Guangzhou Chime-Long Panda Hotels Order VOFUWOOD wall-mounted fire emergency flashlight 1500 pcs 2018-01-24

four-star Grand hotel Yancheng SDIC Order VOFUWOOD VSD-01 wall-mounted flashlight rechargeable emergency fire cover 159 2018-01-22

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orange hotel · selection (Qingdao may Fourth Square store) rooms Order VOFUWOOD wall-mounted LED flashlight emergency fire 116 pcs 2018-01-12

Golden Central hotel Shenzhen Order VOFUWOOD VSD-01 wall-mounted rechargeable flashlight emergency fire 272 pcs 2018-01-12

Shantou of South Australia Grand Skylight hotel Order VOFUWOOD VSD-01 wall-mounted emergency fire rechargeable flashlight 260 pcs 2018-01-12

Grace featured hotels three branches of centralized procurement VOFUWOOD wall VSD-02 wall-mounted flashlight emergency fire 642 pcs 2018-01-09

Chongqing Foot stone engraved Kaiyuan View Church hotel ordered VSD-02 Wall mounted fire emergency flashlight 150 pcs of 2018-01-09

Jiangsu Wutian International Group Bibo Resort Ordered VSD-02 LED Wall mounted torchlight 230 pcs 2017-12-31

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